We will come when you need on-site accounting assistance. We will also train your employees on accounting or HR issues.

Let's get to know each other

We are an office that you don't have to visit but definitely want to. We save you valuable time. We will come when you need on-site accounting assistance. We will also train your employees in accounting or HR matters. Your company's bookkeeping will be handled by accountants with extensive experience and ongoing training in finance, accounting and labor law.

The accounting office provides comprehensive services to all entrepreneurs whose accounting is based on ledgers, tax book of income and expenditure and lump sum. We represent our clients before state authorities. We will help with the establishment of business, as well as the registration of commercial companies. We also conduct human resources and payroll.

We provide the customer with a range of convenient online, accounting and online solutions. Our IT department will move your Company to a secure location on a remote (cloud) server, which can be accessed from any device at any time. The service can be compared in terms of security to a bank account, for which you only need the Internet to log in. If you damage your computer, you can continue working peacefully on another device after logging into your base.

Our price list is attached to each contract. Prices are often set individually due to the diversity of industries and customer demands, but we have several promotions for you to help you decide to cooperate with our company.

The accountants working at Blu-eM have many years of experience in accounting. They train on an ongoing basis to keep up with changes in Polish taxes. Gaps resulting from the lack of issues in training are filled by reading subscribed accounting publications.

Current promotions

One month for 1 PLN

If you are our client, for bringing each new client (after the new client - brought client - pays the first invoice), we will book you a month for 1 PLN tax-free.

This way you can have a year of bookkeeping for 12 PLN - how does it work?:

If during the year, thanks to your company, we will sign a contract with 12 new business partners (customers), you will pay only 12 PLN The term of 12 months counts from the first signed contract thanks to your Company. Details on the spot.

If you prefer money

If you prefer cash, we will pay for each new partner the monthly rate of that client at half price for 2 months (after the first invoice paid by the client). Details on the spot.

3 Months for 0

You are dissatisfied with the service by the current office - describe why? In justified, objective cases if we sign a contract for moving from another office we will give you 3 months free. Gratis includes: 3rd month, 7th month and 12th month of fruitful cooperation. Details on the spot.

Combined packages

On the spot, after presenting the profiles of your business and expectations from us, we will present an individual price, which will certainly not burden the budget of your company, and will satisfy both parties.

Blu-eM is a flexible accounting office that goes to the customer's needs.