Going against the needs of busy people, saving their time and nerves, we help to establish a sole proprietorship as well as a limited liability company in the S24 system


The company to be registered can have an address designated by the client as well as be located at our address as part of our virtual office service. Minimal formalities are required to establish a company at our address. Company incorporation in the s24 system takes up to 7 days. The registration time depends on the city in which the company is to be established. Deciding on this form of business establishment saves you time and money.

The price of registering a sole proprietorship for a client of our office is free of charge

The price of company registration in the s24 system at our address includes:

The price of the package is 1000 PLN tax-free to which the applicable vat rate should be added.

The costs on the side of the client include:

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